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Wedding Photo Shoot – How to Make Your Wedding Unique and Memorable

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Wedding Photo Shoot

You are unique. You have a style all your own. You have friends with whom you share common interests, but even among friends, you have that special mark of individuality.

Soon you will announce your engagement, but you don’t want your engagement photos to be a carbon copy of everyone else’s. You want something special that sets you apart from all the other brides.

One way to express your individuality is in your bridal portrait. Don’t just settle for a studio shot in your wedding dress in front of a standard backdrop. Do something different. Find a portrait setting that says something about your taste and your style.

The Proposal
You can find inspiration for a creative wedding photo shoot by asking yourself the following questions.

  • Am I a history buff? Is there a particular time in history that I wish I could visit?
  • Do I love the great outdoors? Am I inspired by the beautiful scenery in a park or garden?
  • Do I have a favorite movie that I have seen more than three times?
  • Do my fiance and I have a place that represents special moments in our relationship?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, they could lead you to a portrait theme that is tailor made to your personality. Don’t forget that any theme can also be applied to your engagement photos.

A well themed wedding photoshoot is an excellent way to share your special day with all of your friends on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. Not only can you create photos to share special moments, but you also can use these pictures to create albums that you, family and friends can fondly revisit in the future. Continue reading for some personalized wedding photography tips.


History Buff

Taking your bridal portrait in a historical setting connects you to brides in the past who had a special love story like you.

Are you intrigued by people with a pioneer spirit who settled untamed areas that were formerly part of the Old West? Henry and Hattie Sayles built their family home in Abilene, Texas the same year that Butch Cassidy robbed his first bank in Telluride, Colorado.

The Original Sayles Home
Henry and Hattie’s two story Queen Anne home was built in 1889 and is now the Sayles Landmark Bed and Breakfast. Every room in the house has been renovated with artistic styling and modern conveniences all done with a special nod to history.

Picture your photo shoot as a couple in the Front Parlor sitting in two of the black and white art deco chairs illuminated by a gothic chandelier. Or move to the other side of the parlor for a stunning bridal portrait on the stairs surrounded by antique gingerbread mill work.

Sayles Landmark Stairway
Perhaps you envision yourself wearing your wedding dress in the most luxurious room in the house, the Luxe. The 14 foot canopy bed topped with an oversized crystal chandelier is a dazzling setting for bridal portrait photography. Or capture a more pensive photo as you gaze into the mirror above the antique white dressing table in the bathroom.

The stained glass headboard in the Heavenly Rest bedroom is a perfect backdrop for your bridal portrait. The headboard was re-purposed from a church’s Gothic stained glass windows. Also the desk and chair by the second story window is a beautiful location for an intimate close up portrait.

If you desire a touch of history combined with dazzling style, the Sayles Landmark is the perfect setting for your wedding photoshoot.


Nature Lover

Pavillion Wedding Garden

Are you most at peace in a beautiful outdoor setting? The wonder of nature is a great inspiration for a unique engagement shoot. The Sayles Landmark Bed & Breakfast is not only a historical Queen Anne house, it is also a beautiful outdoor garden and pavilion.

Picture your bridal portrait in front of the hundred year old French Gothic iron gate. You are framed on either side with white pickets covered in antique iceberg roses. The venerable setting perfectly complements your natural beauty.

Stroll to the front lawn and have your photographer capture pictures of you in front of the grand, old house. Ascend the wooden steps and take a photo on the front porch in front of the stained glass door. Stop to catch your breath while you admire the railing wrapped in beautiful wisteria which has survived Texas wind, rain and drought for over fifty years.

Wander out back and choose your favorite photo spot among the rose covered columns. Do you want a restful picture sitting on one of the wrought iron fan chairs? Or do you prefer a dramatic photograph with the Roman fountain as a backdrop? If you picture yourself in a natural setting, the Sayles Landmark offers many opportunities for a beautiful portrait or even a delightful location for your big day.

Favorite Movie

Movie Theme WeddingBasing your pictures on a popular movie will produce photos that are instantly recognizable, yet distinctive. Are you and your fiance both Star Wars fans? Dress yourselves as Princess Leia and Han Solo and ask your photographer to capture your love story in a tribute to your beloved flick. If price is no object, have your photographer add TIE fighters or the Millennium Falcon in post-production.

Do you find the minions from Despicable Me adorable? Consider photographs of you and your love in a domestic scene surrounded by your bridal party dressed as minions vacuuming, dusting and serving cold drinks. Together you can hold up a chalkboard that says “Guess Who’s Setting Up Housekeeping.”

Does the movie Frozen represent your romantic ideas? Choose a midnight blue room. Decorate with crystal icicles and a snowman. Dress in a flowing light blue gown. Take your engagement photo with your fiance in a proposal kneel. Hold up a sign that says “I Finally Found a Man Who Melts My Heart.”

If the movies are your inspiration, your photo ideas are only limited by your budget and your imagination.


Special Place

Aggie Wedding CakeIs there a destination that you and your love hold dear to your hearts? Some possibilities are your hometown, your college, or your favorite vacation spot. If you have a place where you shared precious moments as a couple, that can be an excellent location for a wedding shoot.

Are you and your intended both from the same hometown? Have your wedding photographer take pictures of you by the city limits sign to announce your engagement. If there is a well-known town landmark, like the replica Eiffel Tower in Paris, Texas, that’s another excellent place for a photo.

Or maybe you have fond memories of the old family home. Snap some pictures around the house and neighborhood where you grew up. Pictures of you together in your hometown unites your past as individuals with who you are now as a couple.

Did you two meet in college? Many colleges have deep traditions for their former students who get married. If you are graduates of Texas A&M, you may decide to give your wedding photography an Aggie theme. Pose for your bridal portrait underneath the 12 foot Aggie ring outside of the Alumni Center. A portrait of the two of you with Kyle Field in the background is a good way to commemorate your special moments at football games.

Of course, every Aggie bride needs to have a traditional photo in front of all of the Aggie graffiti on the steps of the Jack K. Williams Administration Building.

If you like the college theme, key your guests in ahead of time by sending wedding invitations decorated with the Texas A& M seal. You can even carry the Aggie theme into your wedding day. Dress your bridal party in maroon and white. Have a white wedding cake decorated with maroon flowers.

Ask your wedding planner for help in carrying out your theme.
Whatever college you graduated from, if it is an important part of your past, you can find many excellent settings for your wedding photos.

Would your favorite vacation destination be a good candidate for a photoshoot? Did you have fun at an amusement park in your dating days? Return to the park with your photographer and capture a picture of you winning a carnival game. Place your fiance among the giant stuffed animals.

Point to your fiance and add hold up a sign that says “That’s the prize I want!”

Do you like exploring caves as a couple? Return to the inner world of spelunkers and catch some photos with a stunning backdrop of stalactites and stalagmites. Any fun spot that holds fond memories for you as a couple, can help you tell your love story in pictures.


The Fine Print
Bridal portrait photoshoot includes access to both the inside of the 1889 Queen Anne house and the outdoor pavilion and grounds. Day of photoshoot is subject to availability. Some bedrooms may be unavailable due to guest occupancy. Photoshoot price is $150 for a three hour session. Cost includes location only, not professional photography. Contact owner Terry Browder for scheduling. He can also give you a referral for local photography services.

The Sayles Landmark is a family friendly establishment, so please, no boudoir shots.