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Sayles Landmark

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642 Sayles Boulevard, Abilene, Texas 79605


The Sayles Landmark is unique when it comes to management and service. Our research has indicated that our guests are looking for luxury and privacy more than personal service. In order to help prepare your expectations, we offer the following:

Check In

Traditional “Check-in” procedures are not practiced. There is no front desk. Because of the diminutive size of our facility, prior arrangements are made between our manager and guests via telephone, text, and email. All the financial business will have been taken care of prior to your arrival. With the business details taken care of prior to your arrival, you can just come to relax and enjoy! We are expecting you, and will have communicated directly with you regarding arrival procedures. There are no keys and all our doors are equipped with state of the art, digital locks. You will have been given a pass code to the exterior doors and to your room door, prior to arrival. A staff person may or may not be on site at the time of your arrival, but needless to say, we are expecting you, and we are available to answer your questions by telephone at 325-669-6856. Our facility is designed so that you can be independent and maintain your privacy regarding arrival without the intrusion or interruption of on site staff. You may come and go at your discretion. All this means that we may have the joy of meeting you during your stay…or regretfully, under some circumstances, we may not. Hopefully, at some point during your stay, we hope to, but your successful experience at the historic Sayles Landmark is not dependent upon our face-to-face interaction. We believe that many of the interactions between guests and hotel staff are simply unnecessary and involve things like acquiring more towels, etc. In a facility such as ours, we have made every effort to provide a plentiful supply of the things you need to be comfortable. Whether we actually meet or not, we hope that it is very apparent to you that great effort has been made to prepare for your stay and anticipate your needs! Welcome, we are delighted to have you!


We do not provide daily housekeeping service for a stay of 3 nights, or less. As we have previously indicated, ours is a “Today” kind of property, and our research indicates that the capable and discreet guests that we host prefer their privacy. We believe that having a stranger enter your private room to turn down the bed or clean for a short stay is an unacceptable intrusion. We have provided plentiful supplies of towels, etc., so that a daily resupply for your stay will not be necessary. That said, you are encouraged to call us at 325-669-6856 if you need anything!

Adults Only

Sayles Landmark is an “Adult Only” property. We are not prepared to host guests under the age of 16, and we are sorry but we are unable to accommodate pets as well, at this location. If you do have children or pets, we are happy to offer one of our more “family style” Sayles Ranch Guesthouse properties as a delightful alternative. ( Everyone wins! There is one exception regarding age. If one party books the entire house, then the age limitation does not apply, but still, no pets, please.

No Smoking

Because of the historical nature of this house and its vulnerability to fire, SMOKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED anywhere on the property. Most hotel rooms in our city are non-smoking, but we ask that in addition, you please refrain from smoking anywhere on site. We realize it may be an inconvenience, but we ask that if you smoke, you leave the property to do so in order to maintain the safety and security of this very burnable, irreplaceable historic home. We have made great efforts to try to insure that this property does not burn on “our watch”. Thank you for understanding and respecting this important policy.