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642 Sayles Boulevard, Abilene, Texas 79605

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Sayles Landmark – Abilene Bed And Breakfast

Abilene Bed And Breakfast

The historic Sayles Landmark was built in 1889, just 15 years after Chief Quanah Parker led the remaining remnant of the defeated Comanche nation from this area to the reservation in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. It is one of the oldest and most beloved houses in Abilene. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it is now Abilene’s newest, and most up scale bed and breakfasts, a six room, boutique hotel alternative!

There is a dynamic, new trend in travel accommodations called “Design-Focused” properties… It is defined as a new generation, Bed & Breakfast or Boutique Hotel, with an emphasis on Design and Aesthetics. We have discovered that travelers want more than basic comfort. In addition, they want an intentionally crafted experience that offers a sense of style when they stay in luxury accommodations. The doily clad museum house just won’t cut it any longer with today’s luxury traveller.

The historic Sayles Landmark, is a chic and innovatively new Destination in Abilene. This 125 year old, beloved Queen Anne Victorian was Judge Henry Sayles and his family’s original home, located on present day, Sayles Boulevard, which bears his name. You can read more about the house’s rich history on the history tab.

Contrary to the stuffy, dated, B&Bs that evoke negative and passé memories, the Sayles Landmark Bed And Breakfast reveres the architectural history of the house, but is a very post-modern accommodation that addresses the needs, desires and personality of today’s traveler. Our property and business have been designed to maintain the comfort and privacy of our guests. Although you are in a semi public accommodation, you will feel like you are our honored houseguest. While other guests will be staying in the property, you will feel no obligation to socialize with strangers—unless you want to. You will have your own quarters with en suite bathroom, and at breakfast, served in the century old carriage house, you may choose to dine at a private table, or at a larger family style table, depending on your preference. Making new friends can be a very fun experience, but we recognize that it’s not for everyone, and that’s totally ok!

In addition to your private room, you have various choices in public spaces for visiting with co travelers, friends or just exploring. Indoors, these choices include, a formal parlor up front, or the more “Teddy Rooseveltian” Gentleman’s Parlor in the back of the house. Outside there are multiple places to sneak away to tell secrets, including the Front Porch overlooking Sayles Boulevard, the tin roofed Carriage House Porch, the Abilene Brick Arbor covered Terrace accessed via the French gothic iron gates off the Antique Rose Garden, or the Screened Pavilion just out the back door.

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